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Frequently Asked Questions
about the InterSend AIR System

Here is a list of the most frequently-asked questions about the InterSend Automated Internet Response System (InterSend AIR System), possibly the most profit-earning, time-saving Internet tool you'll ever use! If your question isn't included, please contact us at any time, 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

But what about AFTER you've signed up and you're wondering, "How do I?"

No problem! We have a special section for How do I? Again, if your question isn't included, please contact us at any time!

And if you're still having a problem with something, see our Troubleshooting section.

What is InterSend? How do I? Troubleshooting

What is InterSend?

What is the InterSend AIR System and how does it work?
It is a utility necessary every single day for more efficient use of your time--an absolute necessity for maximizing your Internet time! From your InterSend AIR System, you can control your automatic follow-up systems and e-mail, manage your on-line databases, and much, much more. The InterSend AIR System offers 2 separate accounts--Real Estate and Mortgage Lender--which come with 16 and 11 (respectively) professionally-written email marketing campaigns. You can use these pre-written campaigns as they are, modify them to fit your needs, and/or design your own.

Top Internet marketers surveyed from all over the country show that what they want most is an easy-to-use automatic, effortless way to follow up with their leads. Following a detailed list of what they required to communicate with their prospects, the InterSend AIR System has been developed! You'll find that this is just what these top Internet marketers asked for!

How much does the InterSend AIR System cost?
It costs $29.95 per month. If you become an InterSend Referral Network Associate, you get a free month for everyone you refer who signs up!

How does InterSend AIR System work in association with my personal web site?
Prospects and clients will visit your website--the public's view of your business. Your web site should provide the best marketing information available, such as in-depth buying, selling, mortgage and relocation information. This information will generate many leads if you set it up so that prospects request the information from you.

As prospects submit their requests for more information, you can enter their names and email addresses into your InterSend AIR System address book and assign them to the appropriate campaign. (For advanced users, there is also an autoadd feature so that your web site can be set up to automatically add these contacts into your InterSend address book.) Your InterSend AIR System then takes over for your and sends email messages to your prospects at specific time intervals (as determined by you).

And the best part of all of this is: it requires very little effort from you! When prospects respond to one of your messages, you can visit with them and continue building that one-on-one relationship.

Why did you develop the InterSend AIR System?
We at InterSend AIR System believe that the current practice of taking months to create a successful Internet presence and robbing agents of thousands of dollars is unnecessary; our vision is totally different. It lead us to develop the Automated Internet Response system. We have created the best web reports, information and prospect follow-up systems so that you don't have to!

Any Internet marketer wanting to use powerful on-line business tools now can--at an affordable price! The most effective tools, along with the latest technology, are yours with the InterSend AIR System. You can just click and use it: no time-intensive, in-depth learning needed!

I need help! How can I get it quickly?
Simply call us at (877) 247-3843 and you can talk to a service manager. If you e-mail us at info@intersend.com, you will receive a response within one hour or the first hour of the next business day if it is after business hours.

Do I have to make sure that all of these e-mails are sent?
No, the InterSend AIR System's automatic follow-up system will do it for you!

What is a "drip" system?
The "drip" system within the main follow-up system uses consistent and repeated contacts to keep your name in the mind of the prospect.

For instance, a prospect inquires about a home and then registers to receive more information. They will then automatically receive e-mail from you at predetermined times. Each of these e-mails is written before-hand and is in place ready to send. In this example, they will receive e-mail #1 on the 4th day after registering on your website then #2 on the 10th day, etc. Your follow-up system does all of the work for you! When a prospect responds to one of these follow-up e-mails, you can then provide the one-on-one assistance with a new client.

How do I use this database? Is it pre-formatted or can I change the fields?
The InterSend AIR System has a pre-formatted database with all of the fields you will need and makes it easy to add, edit or to remove clients. It helps you manage your clientele so easily that, when prospects register on your website, they are entered into your address book! Unlike a typical comprehensive database on the market today, the InterSend AIR System is designed and integrated to work smoothly as your on-line contact management.

How can I use the follow-up system for my business now?
You can have messages automatically sent to all of your home sellers by using the InterSend AIR System follow-up system. They can receive weekly e-mails for as long as they are listed with you without you having to do a thing! Additionally, once a home goes under contract, you can have the InterSend AIR System automatically e-mail the seller or buyer until the sale closes!

What is the InterSend AIR Referral Network?
The InterSend AIR Referral Network is an incentive program for users of InterSend AIR System. For more details, go to the InterSend Referral Network FAQ.

How do I?

I can't remember my password! What do I do?
Not to worry! Go to the login page and simply click on "Forgot My Password." This takes you to a page where you type in your email address then click "Submit." When you submit this request, your password will be reset, and a new password will be sent to you via email. You can then change your password as outlined in the User Guide under Changing Your Password.

How do I keep in contact with all of my prospects?
The InterSend AIR System has a built-in database where prospects are entered when they register. You can also manually enter in a prospect who calls about a home but does not want to look right away and choose a follow-up system for them to do your work for you; the follow-up then automatically receives communications dependably!

How do I make a "clickable" link in a message or in my signature?
A "clickable" link is simply called a link in the world of formatting documents. To create a link to "www.yourwebsite.com/homes.html," go to the place in your document where you want the link and type in:
<a href=http://www.yourwebsite.com/homes.html>www.yourwebsite.com/homes.html</a>

For further information on this or other HTML questions, please see our User Guide - Basic HTML Tags.

How do I make a "clickable" email link in a message or in my signature?
The way to create a link to your email is similar to creating a regular link. Once you have the cursor where you want the link to appear, type in: <a href="mailto:youremail@address.com">youremail@address.com</a>

For further information on this or other HTML questions, please see our User Guide - Basic HTML Tags.

How can I copy a message from one campaign to another so that I don't have to retype the entire message?
Easy! Highlight the whole message (using the mouse, click and drag until the whole message is highlighted), right click and select "copy." Then go to the new campaign where you want the message, go to "add message," then place the cursor in the large box provided for the message. Right click the mouse again, select "paste," and voila! You have it!
Note: Want to speed it up? Simply open another browser, log in and then go to the new campaign where you want the message. Highlight the text that you want to copy (in the first browser) and paste it into the second browser--it's as easy as that!
When will the first message go out after I assign a contact to a campaign?
This depends on what number you have entered as the Send Day for the first message. Here are a few scenarios:
  • A Send Day of "0" means that the message will be sent out immediately.
  • A Send Day of "1" means that the message will be sent out the day after the contact is assigned to the campaign (when the daily messages are sent).
  • A Send Day of "3" means that the message will be sent 3 days after the contact has been assigned to the campaign.
How can I see which campaign email messages have been sent to my contact?
You can review which emails have automatically been sent by your InterSend account at any time. Simply click on the "Campaign" link to the right of the contact in question. Then click on "View" next to the appropriate campaign and you will be viewing the messages that have been sent to that contact.

Why am I getting returned mail or messages that failed to be delivered?
Messages "bounce" (are returned) for a variety of reasons. These include: the wrong email address, their account was closed, a typo was made or that their account was full (over quota).

What do I do when I receive returned email messages?
When you receive notification from InterSend that a message has bounced, you need to look at the reason the message was returned. If the contact's account was too full, you do not have to do anything--and, hopefully, by the time another message is sent to that contact, they will have cleared their account. However, if their account was closed or it is the wrong address, you need to de-activate or delete the contact. Failure to de-activate or delete contacts when necessary wastes system resources, clogs the Internet with bad email that takes up bandwidth and, perhaps most importantly, takes up extra space and "junks" up your email account. Please see our User Guide under Returned Email for additional information on how to resolve these bounces.

How do I cancel my account?
Please submit your cancellation request by email rather than by phone. This way your request can be tracked and verified. Simply email billing@intersend.com and ask that your account be cancelled. Be sure to include your InterSend user name so that your account can be located and cancelled.

PLEASE NOTE: Account fees are not pro-rated. You must pay the full amount for the current time period regardless of when you officially cancel. For example, if your fees are due on the 30th of the month, you will be charged for that full month even if you cancel on the 10th of that month.

It won't let me logon, even though I remember my password! What do I do?
The answer to this depends on what is happening. Do you get an error message or does it just pop back to the login page? If it pops back to the login page with an error message, then you are entering the wrong username and/or password (see the question above). If it pops back to the login page without an error message, then it is a problem with cookies and/or privacy settings. This is most likely caused by your cookies/privacy headers not being enabled in your web browser.

If it is a cookie problem, you just need to set your browser to accept cookies by following the steps outlined below (or something similar, depending on the browser you use):
  • While in your browser, click on Tools at the top of your screen.
  • Go to Internet Options.
  • Go to the Security tab then click on Custom Level and check for cookie options. Set your options to enable cookies.
  • Go to the Advanced tab and check for any options dealing with cookies. Again, set your options to enable cookies.
  • Click OK until you are backed out and looking at your regular browser screen.
If for some reason you still cannot logon after trying these solutions, please email us at Web Site/Technical Related Questions. Be sure to include information such as the browser and version you are using, in addition to any firewall software and any other information that may help us.
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