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Frequently Asked Questions about the
InterSend AIR System Referral Network

What is the InterSend AIR Referral Network?
The InterSend AIR Referral Network is an incentive program for users of InterSend Air accounts. You earn a free month of service each time you refer a friend or business associate who signs up for an InterSend AIR account.

How do I refer a friend or business associate?
All you need to do is enter their name and email address on our Referral Network page. Earn a free month of basic service for every new user that you refer to InterSend!

What does my friend or business associate have to do?
Your friend or business associate simply signs up for their own account, using your email address (must be the same as in your InterSend account information) in the "referred by" field. You also have the option of sending them the url for your own signup page, which will automatically have your information already entered.

Personalized Signup Page
Your personalized signup page is created by simply taking the InterSend signup page url, adding a "?" and then "affil=yourintersendusername". The normal url to sign up is:

The url you send to your friends and business associates with your InterSend username should be:

Make sure you have the "s" on the "https"--it MUST be there to ensure a secure connection.

What are the rules on spamming?
InterSend AIR's Referral Network program is meant to encourage people to introduce the benefits of InterSend Air to their friends and business associates. It is not intended to encourage spam. If you are found to have spammed other Internet users in an attempt to gain referral bonuses, you will lose your InterSend AIR privileges.

Which of my friends or business associates are eligible?
Any friend or business associate who does not already have an InterSend AIR System account of their own.

How can I ensure the privacy of my friend or business associate?
We are committed to protecting our users' information. We will use the transaction information only for the purpose of contacting the individual and in the course of our business. We will not sell, give or otherwise allow the information to go to any other party.

When do I receive my free month of service?
Your month of free basic service will be credited to your account on the second-month signup anniversary of the person you referred.

What if my friend or business associate signs up with a different email address than the one I used to refer them?
As long as your friend or business associate uses your email address (must be the same as in your InterSend account information) in the "referred by" field when they sign up, you will receive your free month of service, even if they sign up with a different email address.

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