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Welcome to the InterSend AIR System
Referral Network

The InterSend Automated Internet Response System (InterSend AIR System) saves you time while increasing your profits! It can also save you money-simply by telling others about this dynamic system! Since we realize that there is no way we can contact every person who could benefit by using our technology, we are more than happy to compensate you when you tell others about us.

It's so easy to become an InterSend Referral Network Associate!

All you need to do is enter their name and email address, or refer them to our web site. Earn a free month of basic service for every new user that you refer to InterSend! It will really pay to tell your on-line friends and associates about us. Make it even easier! Take advantage of our new option of giving out a url to your personalized signup page so that all they will need to do is click on it to signup--your information will automatically be included.

For more details about the Referral process, go to the InterSend Referral Network FAQ.

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