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InterSend AIR System?

In order to market effectively on the Internet, you must have a systematic and timely--yet personalized--follow-up approach that shows a prospect your sales message over and over again!

Click to view Letterhead choices Research has shown that your message usually needs to be seen several times before a prospect will decide to do business with you. The InterSend AIR System will automatically follow-up and quickly deliver the information that the prospect has requested. Then InterSendís email "drip" system continues to send the prospect your pre-written marketing information at pre-determined intervals. This system of follow-up will greatly increase your sales potential!
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Consider this - One home sale generated by your InterSend account pays for itself ten times over! Where else can you get that type of marketing return?

The InterSend AIR System allows your Internet business to be controlled in tandem with your existing Web site. No other business tool is like it: you control your own email, online address book, auto-responders, etc. This is an extremely powerful Internet communications tool that handles requests 24 hours per day, 7 days per week-almost on autopilot! When a prospect is entered, simply identify which customized marketing campaign that they should receive; the automatic drip system does the rest. It can send messages to your customers as frequently as you choose, from once a day to once every few months. While you are working or playing--or even sleeping--the InterSend AIR System is busy at work. Try Our Demo!

The InterSend AIR System will let you dramatically increase your sales quickly, easily and best of all, affordably--all while saving you valuable time!

It's so easy to use! You decide how often to follow-up with your prospects. Your database of marketing materials is easily accessible, and any campaign, or letter can be quickly changed at any time. When you log in to the system, you will find that your clients have automatically been followed-up with the results immediately available. All you need to do is respond to the prospect when they do need your help. Because of the money, time and effort the InterSend AIR System will save you, it will become your most important marketing device!

Do You Need AIR? Of Course You Do!!!

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