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InterSend AIR System
User Guide

Using HTML in Your Messages

Basic HTML Tags:

Following are instructions on how to format your messages using basic HTML tags. These can be used in the Body, Signature and Post Script (P.S.) areas of your messages. If you know HTML, just remember that only basic HTML tags will work corectly in both the text and HTML versions of your messages. This is because, when we send the message, both text and HTML versions are sent so that the messages can be read by all users. If you use complicated HTML formatting tags (such as <table>, <ul>, etc.), the text version will not look right when the HTML tags are stripped out. For this same reason, do not use <br> or <p> tags for blank lines (simply use a blank line).

Important: let the text automatically wrap around in the body of the message. Don't use "hard returns" in the body of your paragraphs. Using "hard returns" (pressing the enter key) to make the message look good on your monitor will not necessarily work on other monitors. Monitors come in different sizes and have different resolutions; what looks perfect on your computer could look very choppy and unprofessional on another monitor.

Adding links in your messages:
If you decide to incorporate a website address--a url--into your message, you will want the url to show in both the text and the HTML versions of your message. To do this, all you will need to do is to use the url as the name of your link.

For example, say you want a link to this website address "www.intersend.com". To create the link in your message, you will want to type in:

<a href=http://www.intersend.com>www.intersend.com</a>

Or to link to "www.yourwebsite.com/homes.html", type in this:

<a href=http://www.yourwebsite.com/homes.html>www.yourwebsite.com/homes.html</a>

This uses the url as the name of the link--and when the HTML codes are stripped to prepare the text version of the message, you will see:

www.intersend.com, or:

Some important things to remember:
  1. When you have a beginning tag (such as <b>), you MUST have an ending tag for it (</b>).

  2. Remember: for any format change you want to make to a specific portion of text, the beginning and end HTML tags for that formatting must be surrounding that specific portion of text.
    For Example:
    To make "Here is some text." bold, you would have to use this code: <b>Here is some text.</b>
    You have to tell it when to start and when to end the bold.

  3. To add a blank line, press the "return" key on your keyboard (until you see a blank line).

  4. Most importantly, be sure to send yourself a test message so that you can see how your message will appear to your contacts. You will receive 2 versions of your message, one in text and one in HTML. You can see how it will look both ways so that you can make changes if some of your formatting does not come out as you wanted.

Basic HTML Tags
For This: Type This:
Bolded Text <b>Bolded Text</b>
Centered Text
<center>Centered Text</center>
Underlined Text <u>Underlined Text</u>
Colored Text <font color="code">Colored Text</font> * See chart below for color codes
Italicized Text <i>Italicized Text</i>
Smaller Text <font size=1>Smaller Text</font>
Regular-Sized Text <font size=2>Regular-Sized Text</font>
Larger Text <font size=3>Larger Text</font>
Larger Text <font size=4>Larger Text</font>
Larger Text <font size=5>Larger Text</font>
Larger Text <font size=6>Larger Text</font>
Larger Text <font size=7>Larger Text</font>
To make a clickable link in the HTML email version <a href=http://www.yourwebsite.com/homes.html>

Color Chart
Color: Code: Color: Code:
Light Blue #33CCFF Light Pink #FFCCFF
Blue #0000FF Dark Pink #FF0099
Dark Blue #003399 Light Purple #CC99FF
Aqua #00FFCC Purple #9933CC
Teal #009999 Dark Purple #660099
Light Green #99FF99 Yellow #FFFF33
Green #33FF00 Gold #FFCC33
Dark Green #009900 Orange #FF9900
Red #FF0000 Brown #996633
White(White) #FFFFFF Dark Brown #660000

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